6 Common Boiler Problems and How to Fix Them

4.1First things first, it is never recommended that you skip the step of calling a heating engineer to look at a boiler problem. It can be dangerous to fix a boiler issue yourself. These appliances are complex and a mistake made when making changes to the system could result in a broken boiler or a dangerous boiler. But London engineers are often busy and they also charge you by the hour – you can save a little money by troubleshooting first, then with a better idea of the problem the engineer can quickly get to the heart of the matter. Here’s what to look for when your boiler is having problems.

1. Radiators Aren’t Warming Up

The most common problem here is when the top of the radiator is cold and the bottom is hot, and it is not exactly a boiler problem, meaning you can fix it yourself. The lack of heat at the top of the radiator is due to a build-up of air in the radiator or a problem with the pump. Bleed your radiators to see if that solves the problem.

2. Boiler Keeps Switching Off

There can be a number of different issues causing a boiler to keep switching itself off. These problems include low water pressure, a faulty thermostat, or air in the system. If you adjust these issues and you still have a problem, call an engineer to take a look.

3. Pilot Light Keeps Going Out

A common problem, and it is most commonly caused by a damaged thermocouple, or the seals could be damaged. This is an issue that needs professional attention – luckily when it comes to boiler repairs London provides good quality heating engineers to solve an issue like a faulty pilot light.

4. Boiler Making Funny Noises

If the boiler or the central heating is noisy you could have excess lime scale built up on the exchanger. Or there could be too much air in the system. Cleaning the pipes and bleeding the radiators removes air and lime scale but if the problem persists, call an engineer.

5. Leaking Boiler

If the boiler is leaking water, or there is a leak of gas coming from the boiler, you need to call an engineer as quickly as possible. A gas leak is an emergency, while leaking water signifies damage to the boiler that needs to be fixed by a professional.

6. Boiler Losing Pressure

If the boiler is part of a pressurised system, then losing pressure could signify a water leak, or there could be a faulty expansion vessel. If you read the manual you will be able to see what the pressure readings should be, and you can often reset them yourself. But if the pressure keeps going down you need a professional to fix it permanently. In all cases of boiler issues, if you are not sure what the problem is or you think you may damage the boiler if you try to fix it, always call out an engineer.

Image courtesy of Boians Cho Joo Young / FreeDigitalPhotos.net