Combi or Conventional? Your Choice of Boiler Explained

4.2 Are you shopping for a new boiler? A replacement boiler will be one of the most expensive purchases you make for your home, so it is important to make the right buying decision. You’ll find plenty of suppliers in London and will quickly realise that the main decision comes down to one of two options – combination or conventional boiler. Here are a few hints and tips on choosing the right boiler for your needs and how to work out whether you need a combi or a conventional.

Conventional Boilers

The conventional boiler is a standard type of boiler that has been used in London homes for many years. The conventional boiler is made up of a boiler plus a separate storage tank for keeping the hot water, which is usually located in the attic or in an airing cupboard. The hot water is released from the tank as needed.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Conventional Boilers

You will need more space if you have a conventional boiler because of the storage tank. The installation of this tank is also likely to be more complicated if it is located in the loft. Because the hot water comes direct from the tank there is the danger of running out of hot water if you use a lot at one time. There will be a delay while the boiler heats up more and you will have to wait each time for the water to get warm. This is usually quick, but it is not ideal if you have high water needs. Conventional boilers are good for larger homes and properties with more than one bathroom. You can also fit an additional immersion heater, powered by electricity, to the conventional boiler that is used if you need a hot water boost or if the boiler breaks.

Combination Boilers

Otherwise known as combi boilers, these are modern boilers that do not have a storage tank and take water from the mains supply, heating it as needed. A combination boiler is the most popular choice for the home.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Combi Boilers

These boilers are ideally suited to smaller places and they also have the advantage that they supply an unlimited supply of hot water so you have no danger of running out in the middle of a shower. The combi boiler can be a more economical option as you are only heating the water you need. Installation of a combi boiler is simple and the units are compact and easy to operate. It is worth considering, however, that the hot water flow could be cut when you use two or more taps at one time – if you have a large family and many bathrooms, this could be a problem. Water takes a couple of seconds to warm up.
For new boiler installation London engineers recommend thinking about your water use, the size of your home, and the space you have available in order to make a decision about which boiler is best.

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