How Often Should I Get My Boiler Serviced?


When you own your own London home or you are a landlord taking care of property in the capital, there are certain fittings and fixtures in the house or flat that you simply can’t ignore. One important appliance is the boiler. The boiler is an essential feature in every house as it provides abundant supplies of hot water as well as central heating. If the boiler isn’t working, you have a very cold home. The key to trouble-free boiler operation and preventing problems that cause a boiler breakdown is a regular maintenance service. What does this involve, and how often do you need to get your boiler serviced?

Advantages of Regular Servicing

Much like your car needs a regular check to make sure everything is working well; your boiler needs to be looked at on a regular basis to maintain it in good working order. The regular service identifies any small problems that can be fixed before they turn into bigger problems. A regular service makes sure the boiler is functioning to optimum efficiency, so you get the most cost-effective heating and hot water for your home. And a service gives you peace of mind. The gas engineer will identify any leaks which, while rare, have the potential to be highly dangerous. The check looks to see if the boiler is operating safely and identifies any issues that are dangerous and need to be fixed. For boiler repairs London engineers are reliable and professional but you don’t need a boiler breakdown on your plate – replacing a boiler is costly and it is likely you want to keep yours running for as long as possible.

Boiler Service Maintenance Schedule


A boiler in London should be serviced every year. An annual service is fine for checking out the boiler and identifying problems before they cause the boiler to break. It is recommended that you get boilers, new and old, onto a yearly maintenance check schedule. It is easy to set up a maintenance check. You can find a qualified gas safe engineer close to your home in London, set up an appointment, and get the check done with the minimum of fuss. Setting up a yearly reminder for the task helps you identify when the next check is due.

What You Can Do Yourself


You can keep an eye on your boiler in-between services to ensure it is running well and that any obvious problems are identified. Take a look at the boiler for any signs of breakage or any sooty deposits on the wall or the casing. If the boiler is making strange noises or you are experiencing a drop in water pressure, call an engineer to take a look. While a regular service makes a big difference to the health of your boiler, problems may happen in-between, so it makes sense to contact an engineer if you are concerned about the health of your boiler.

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