How to Keep Warm During a Winter Boiler Breakdown

4.2It happens to us all. Sometimes, even with the best of planning and regular maintenance checks, the boiler just refuses to work. If you have an old boiler, chances are it will cease functioning at some stage of its life. And when does this normally happen? More often than not it is in the winter, when the boiler and the central heating systems are being used to the maximum. One tip to try to prevent a winter boiler breakdown would be to check and service the boiler during the spring or summer when you have the time to fix any issues. But if it’s too late, and you run into problems during the coldest months of the year, here is what you need to do to keep warm and healthy.

Don’t Panic – Call an Engineer

If your boiler breaks down in the winter don’t panic, but don’t waste time trying to fix it yourself. Not only could this be dangerous, but you could also make the situation worse. For boiler repairs London provides a range of services. Check your local area and find a qualified engineer that can come to your London home. Bear in mind that the service could cost more at the weekends or at night. But the sooner you call, the sooner they come and the sooner you can be warm again, so don’t delay.

Retain as Much Heat as Possible

When the boiler breaks down in the winter it is important to keep as much heat as possible in the house. Keep the curtains and blinds closed. Put draught excluders at the bottom of the doors and against the cracks in the windows.

Keep Warm Inside and Out

Put on as many layers of clothing as it takes to keep warm, no matter how ridiculous you look. Don’t forget the hat and the warm layers of socks. Curl up under a blanket and eat a bowl of hot soup to keep your temperature up. Hot tea and coffee will also help to get a little extra warmth inside you.

Find Alternative Forms of Heat

Get as many hot water bottles as you can find, plus electric blankets and heaters, and even heat pads. Be careful when using electric heaters and blankets – don’t leave them unattended or you risk a fire. If you don’t have any of these heaters or other forms of heat, ask neighbours or friends and borrow something. You may even be able to find a local charity that loans heaters if you are strapped for cash. It helps if you use these alternative forms of heat only in the essential rooms like the bedroom and the living room. The other rooms can be left cold until the boiler is fixed. Heat up water on the stove for essential washing, and skip the long baths until you have your boiler up and running again. Then you can relax and enjoy.
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