Top 4 Reasons Why Boiler Servicing Matters

3.3As if you haven’t got enough to spend your money on already. Statistics show that rent has risen by 18 percent in just four years in London, which is around twice the rise the rest of the country has experienced. Homeowners are not immune to property cash problems either – it is common knowledge that it gets more and more expensive to buy in the capital. It’s an expensive city to live in. Don’t add an expensive boiler repair bill to the list of things you need to spend your money on. Saving money is just one of the reasons why a boiler service is worth it.

1. Increase Safety

You may not realise it, but a faulty boiler can be giving off toxic carbon monoxide fumes which have no odour, or taste. You can’t see it happening, but a carbon monoxide leak can kill you. When you get your boiler serviced, the engineer will check for leaks of carbon monoxide as well as gas leaks in general. Any faulty components will also be identified. When you are dealing with a boiler and with a gas supply you need to be sure the appliance is safe. A regular maintenance check keeps everyone healthy in the home.

2. Increase Efficiency

A poorly functioning boiler works less well, meaning you spend more and more money on heating your home. As your boiler gets older it is more likely to show signs of wear and tear, meaning that it doesn’t work as effectively and it costs you more money. You are also having a greater impact on the environment through burning more fossil fuels. A regular boiler check sees that the appliance is working to peak efficiency, with added tweaks to the settings if needed in order to make it even more effective.

3. More Reliable

As the boiler gets older it stands to reason that it will also suffer from wear and tear. Therefore it is at greater risk of breaking down unless small problems are fixed before they become big problems. When it comes to boiler repair London offers a wide choice of heating engineers to fix your boiler, but do you want to leave it until complete boiler breakdown until you do something about it? Think how inconvenient a broken boiler is in the middle of winter. When you get the boiler serviced regularly you fix smaller problems more cost effectively, and do not risk complete meltdown and a costly boiler replacement.

4. Better Heating

Put simply, a boiler that is working well delivers better, more efficient heat and provides you with a more comfortable home. You are going to appreciate this in the middle of winter, and in the spring when cold days require a blast of central heating. When your boiler is working well you can relax and enjoy a warm and cosy home. And you don’t need to worry about taking cold showers in the middle of January.

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