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Top Tips on Getting Rid of Limescale Once and for All

Having a clean and spotless bathroom is a priority for most of us, but there’s only so much you can do when it comes to the buildup of limescale (or so you would think). Limescale is caused primarily by hard water, and, whilst hard water does not pose any health risks on its own, the buildup of limescale is still unsightly and can result in some other problems, such as the clogging of your plumbing system and other issues.


If you would like to get rid of limescale buildup once and for all, you need not worry, as it can be done, especially if the buildup is still small and is still at its beginning stages. If, however, the buildup has already become too big to deal with on your own, you can always turn to professional plumbers who can take care of the problem using their own skill and expertise.


Tips on getting rid of limescale


Doing away with limescale in your shower


For smaller limescale buildups, you can make your own mixture of natural ingredients such as water and vinegar. This type of mixture has actually proven to be a big help – simply soak your bathroom’s shower head in a mixture of water and vinegar overnight, and you will see the difference the next day. If you can, unscrew the showerhead from your shower then soak it in the mixture. If you do not have a spanner or screwdriver, you can fill a plastic bag with water and vinegar, tie it around the showerhead, and leave it overnight as well.


Doing away with limescale in small spots or areas and bathroom fixtures


Apart from water and vinegar mixtures, there are other household materials you can make use of as well when it comes to dealing with limescale. You can also use lemon juice and mix it with vinegar. Place the mixture in a bottle with a spray top, and simply spray the mixture on smaller spots or areas in your bathroom which have a buildup of limescale, such as behind the tap, the tap itself, and in the corners.


Doing away with limescale buildup in the toilet


The toilet is another spot where the accumulation of hard water results in ugly, unsightly stains. In order to get rid of this buildup in your bathroom toilet, you should first drain the water in the toilet bowl. After the bowl is completely drained, put an equal mix of borax and white vinegar into the bowl, then cover as much of the surface area as possible. Make sure to leave the mix of borax and white vinegar in the toilet bowl for several hours. You cannot use your toilet at this time. For best results, do this when you are going out for the day.


When to turn to the experts


Whilst the above-mentioned tips can work in most cases, there are some instances where limescale buildup is just not so easy to get rid of, especially if it has been there for some time. This is when expert help comes in handy. The plumbing expert will know how to deal with the issue of hard-core limescale buildup and will also be able to help prevent the problem from occurring again with the use of electronic conditioners or water softening products.


You just have to make sure that you are choosing the right expert – if you reside in London, for example, you should do your own research on the most reliable and reputable plumber London offers and get as many recommendations and referrals as you can.



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