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Introducing BBS – Your chosen London plumbers and heating service.

For the most reliable plumbers in London, look to BBS Plumbing and Heating service in the North London area.

Hiring a reliable, quality company to service your plumbing, heating, electrical and renewable energy needs used to entail dealing with a ‘hurry up and wait’ type of situation and attitude. You needed them to hurry and they told you to wait.

BBS takes the needs of their customers seriously and puts those needs ahead of all other considerations.
We’ll have a plumber arrive where you are in London promptly within the agreed upon time and they won’t leave until you are thoroughly satisfied with the job we’ve performed.

For any job, big or small in London (we cover all areas of North London and South London), we practice the same values – providing you with a prompt and reliable service.

Plumbing is the basis for all the other services that we provide. Whether your job entails heating, floor heating, renewable energy sources, or electrical services, we have grown our business around the quality plumbing services we have offered for years beginning in North London, Palmers Green N13. We are handily situated just off the north circular enabling us to get to you easily. This has allowed us to Expand into offering our customers our other quality services based on our sound technical knowledge and up to date qualifications.


Whether it’s installing a new boiler or making sure that the existing system is working as it should as winter in London approaches, we’ll be happy to make an appointment at your convenience in order to assess the needs of you and your family in order to provide you with safe, comfortable heat.

Under-floor Heating

One of your most popular specialties, under-­‐floor heating entails laying pipes underneath your flooring to provide your en:re home with a blanket of toasty, uniform heat. It’s also cost-­‐efficient, enabling you to direct the heat into whichever rooms you choose from a central control. Let our technicians tell you about the benefits of under-­‐floor heating.


Every heating system needs a thermostat and some of the thermostats on the market these days are complex, smart pieces of technology. This means that we offer certified electrical services as part and parcel of all our other heating services. Our expansion into renewable energy sources has only increased our need to offer certified electrical services that you can rely on.

Renewable Energy

With the cost of solar panels continuing to drop, this is a technology that you would do well to look into as a way of saving energy and money, not to mention doing your part for the environment. We have the expertise to design, install and service these solar systems quickly, efficiently, and most importantly, inexpensively.

A plumber in London must be able to work with sometimes antiquated systems and piping. They must be experts in the knowledge of how old is too old, know when a system needs to replaced and how to go about a replacement installation without breaking the bank in doing so.

Trust in BBS to employ some of the most experienced and cost-­‐conscious plumbers in London. The popularity of our services is a testament to the experience, efficiency and skill of our technicians.

Call BBS today to hear more about the wide range of plumber’s services that we can offer in the London area.

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    Your privacy is of paramount importance and your details are not passed onto third parties but held in strict confidence.