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Underfloor heating that originates from Roman Times.

Underfloor heating actually dates back to the time of the Romans. They used to construct chambers underneath the floor where heat could flow. A furnace was built under one corner of a room and the heat would emit, after stoking, to flow throughout the underside of a floor from chamber to chamber.
Sounds familiar doesn’t it? But modern underfloor heating systems are no different in principle. These days, systems are effortless, and kind to the environment. Working through either an electric or boiler system where water is heated and flows through the pipe system installed underneath a floor.

Cost-efficient with lower environmental impact.

Underfloor heating has always been popular in Europe and is gradually becoming a more favoured choice for homeowners in the UK. It is certainly attractive in these days of austerity with very reasonable running costs coupled with the user’s peace of mind. It is better for the environment than some other forms of central heating. There is also the added benefit of not having to install radiators and other wall mounted heating systems which can be unsightly.
Another advantage with underfloor heating when used in bathrooms, utility rooms and other areas of your home that are likely to get wet, is that it will help these rooms to dry out quickly as pools of water on the floor will soon evaporate.
Add to this the vastly improved comfort you’ll experience from radiant heat being generated at foot level. You’ll also appreciate that the heat is spread evenly throughout your home. You’ll also understand why this is considered the most pleasant way to have the temperature in a room. Happy feet!

Heating so pleasant, a service so pleasing.

With the ease of operation and the quiet, efficient functionality of an underfloor heating system, it is little wonder that people are making the switch from conventional central heating systems in ever increasing numbers.
BBS has a great deal of experience when it comes to the installation of all underfloor heating systems, with many satisfied customers. If you’re considering having underfloor heating fitted in your own home then we will be happy to answer any queries you may have. As well as being able to advise you on the best underfloor heating solutions that are available on the market for you.

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