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Maintenance and heating system repairs London – North London and West London.

If you’ve ever had the misfortune of your system breaking down or the dials becoming unresponsive, then you’ll undoubtedly be aware of what an irritating and unpleasant experience this can be, particularly if it occurred during the chilly winter months when a functioning central heating system is invaluable.

To avoid such an incident, it is important to ensure that that your heating system is properly maintained. For an expert service, make BBS Plumbing and Heating your choice.

Our maintenance. Your peace of mind.

At BBS plumbing and heating we have the tools, equipment and professional know-how, to make sure your heating system is fixed perfectly or if it’s requiring a service, will be maintained to operate and run in tip-top condition.

BBS offers customers an exclusive, comprehensive maintenance service. Ensuring your heating system is running to it’s optimum efficiency. Safeguarding against any problems which may occur. Keeping you warm and safe in the knowledge that you won’t fall foul of an unexpected breakdown leaving you without heating or hot water.

Prevent Breakdowns With Annual Maintenance

Don’t leave it to chance – your heating system is a vitally important fixture in your home. Think how inconvenient iyt woudl be if it broke down. No hot water for showers or baths, no hot water for washing up, cold rooms, and a draughty home.

Fortunately you can take some quick and easy steps to prevent unplanned breakdowns – schedule a regular system check, and make sure your system is functioning to optimum efficiency. There may well be the need to make some tweaks and adjustments to keep it running smoothly, and the service BBS plumbers provide is worth its weight in gold. The regular service helps to reveal any problems that could cause a breakdown in the future, and also helps ensure the system is being correctly used.

If there are any repairs needed, your qualified engineer will carry them out. Repairs may be very small and simple when the problems are caught early – another advantage to regular  servicing is you don’t need to spend a lot of money all at once. Replacing a broken system will obviously be more expensive and it is to be avoided until you are in the best financial place to afford it. When it comes to heating repairs, London BBS Plumbers offer the best deals – make the best decision and get a professional, reliable service when you need it, and before your system gets into trouble.

You can rely on BBS to come in an emergency.

Outside of this, if your heating breaks down or is working haphazardly BBS plumbing and heating has an emergency repair service. We will send one of our qualified technicians to deal with your problem and make any necessary repairs, minimising the discomfort for your household.

Naturally, our repair and maintenance services extend beyond gas heating systems to other products. We specialise in other areas too, such as underfloor heating and roof mounted solar panels. We’re happy to talk to you about any problems you may be experiencing.

So whether it’s a heating system repair, installation or maintenance, you can rely on BBS Plumbing and Heating to maintain your comfort.