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A reliable boiler and plumbing system helps ensure that you and your family have comfortable heating and hot water at the turn of a tap. When a boiler breaks down, it causes significant inconvenience which you can only resolve by hiring a professional plumbing company to install a new boiler.

Although boilers are meant to work consistently for many years, there are times when an unexpected break down happens. By being able to observe your boiler for tell-tale signs of serious problems, you can avoid having to book an emergency appointment with plumbers in Barnet to have a new boiler installed.

It takes a lot longer for radiators to get hot

One tell-tale sign that there may be a problem with your boiler when it takes too long to reach your desired temperature, or it stays tepid for long periods. Modern boilers are supposed to achieve the expected temperature instantly. Although this problem may not necessarily mean the boiler is about to break down, it could point to a severe issue with the system such as sludge build-up.

Foul odour coming from the boiler

A healthy heating system is not supposed to produce any foul smells. Be cautious anytime you start noticing faint scents coming from the boiler or any part of the heating system. It could mean there is a carbon dioxide leak which is extremely dangerous if left unattended. Don’t take any chances and report the issue right away to professional Barnet plumbers from BBS.

Increasing energy payments

An inefficient boiler will lead to higher energy payments. Any sudden spikes in your energy consumption is a sign that the boiler might need replacement. When it is indeed time to have a new one installed, get an A-rated boiler which has the highest efficiency rating. The amount you save on your energy bill if you switch to a high-efficiency boiler should be significant enough to spend on other more essential household expenses.

Leaks and unusual loud noises

It is normal for a boiler to produce sounds once in a while due to mineral build-up. But when the noise coming from the boiler is too loud or happens too often as well as when you start noticing leaks coming from the boiler, there are several potential issues that only professional plumbers Barnet can help you fix. These problems should not be left unchecked to ensure the safety and comfort of your family.

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