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Basic trouble shooting and fixing simple errors

As professional Gas Safe Register installers for gas boilers, and OFTEC registered installers for oil-fired boilers, BBS Plumbing and Heating, North London, are fully qualified and experienced to service, upgrade and repair all types of boiler, and carry out repairs to existing hot water and central heating systems.

It’s important to us that that we can always repair and maintain each and every type of boiler available on the market and ensure our customers have hot water and heating systems working at the peak of their efficiency.

To guarantee that we are always able to provide our customers with the highest standards of professional service and boiler care we constantly keep up with all the latest technical trouble-shooting advice and information.

Many of today’s modern systems are manufactured with on-board self-diagnostics, which supply fault light indicators or error codes to help owners and engineers to quickly find out the source of a problem and how it may be remedied.

Customers can often save time and money by being able to remedy a simple fault themselves or provide the information about a boiler problem if they can understand the fault indicator or error code when they first speak with a plumber over the telephone.

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