Solar power reduces your bills. Benefiting you, your family and the environment.


Reduce your energy bills with renewable energy from Solar Panels, installed by BBS London.

Renewable energy, perfect for modern times. Fitting a solar powered heating system could be the wisest choice you can make.

At BBS plumbing we are able to provide our customers with a perfectly modern renewable heating system complete with solar panels. These can help to lower your energy consumption which is good for both the environment and your wallet.

How does solar energy work and make renewable energy?

Solar panels work by harnessing the thermal energy of the suns rays and transferring this into energy which we can use. The panels we use are designed to absorb heat from the sun’s rays which is then used to heat the water you use everyday at home. Reducing the strain on your gas boiler.

Will I still need a boiler?

If you have Solar panels fitted then you will still need to use a gas boiler. Although, it is estimated that the energy generated from the solar panels will account for 60% of your average annual hot water usage. The efficiency of solar panels is of course affected by variables such as the weather and the positioning of the panels themselves, but a well designed system should meet nearly all of your hot water requirements during the summer months.
Naturally, in winter when there is less sunlight the solar panels are not as effective. So you will need to use your gas boiler to make up for the extra hot water and central heating usage during the winter.

Will Solar Panels fit on my roof?

Almost certainly. We have a range of different frames, fittings and brackets that can be used to fix solar systems to practically any type of roof whether it is flat or pitched. Fixtures are even available to fit the panels to walls or inside roofs, so it is very unlikely that we’d be unable to fit solar panels to your property.

We cover all areas of a roof with suitable Solar Panels, we also cover North and South London.

When it comes to solar energy heating solutions in North and South London, make BBS plumbing your favoured choice in fitting your new heating system.
We don’t just supply and fit the panels to your roof in an aesthetic way, we also follow up with making sure you have the best boiler and heating system in place. This will bring you all the benefits throughout your home.

We’ll help you choose the correct amount of panels, fit them and make sure you have a boiler and heating system to match that is second to none.

We normally adapt your existing system to accommodate solar energy.
Should you need a completely new boiler, we endeavour to provide our customers with the most energy-efficient solutions – giving you the best boiler and heating system to suit the size and layout of your house and to work seamlessly with your solar panels.
And we don’t just fit a new boiler for the sake of it. If we can improve your existing system by supplying newer parts, we will recommend this and carry out the work to the same high standard.

Are Govt grants available for Solar Panels?

The Government has been known to provide grants to people looking to have solar panels or other renewable energy sources fitted to their property.
Visit: and for more information.

Air source heat pumps.

Air source heat pumps are a superbly efficient alternative to conventional heating systems.
They can be used to heat either water or the air in your home much like an air conditioning unit. The pumps work quite simply by utilising latent energy in the air to generate heat.
The result is an efficient and cost effective sustainable heat source that can be used at any time of the year to heat your home or water.

Ground source heat pumps


Ground source heat pumps are an efficient and environmentally friendly way to heat your home. Using natural energy stored in earth to generate heat. Ground source heat pumps are suitable for most properties and they can be altered to ensure suitability for your home.
They are designed to replace boilers as the only source of heat and hot water in your home and you’ll undoubtedly notice significant savings with efficient and environmental friendly ground source heat pumps.
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