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With the winter season just around the corner, every home needs a reliable boiler to provide hot water and space heating. Boilers are reliable appliances meant to last at least a decade of consistent use. Nevertheless, boiler issues are not uncommon especially if you have an older model. Although with something as significant as your home heating system, you’d want to make you rely on the services of professional plumbers to do the job. But before you contact plumbers in Palmers Green, here are a few troubleshooting steps you can do with minor faults in your boiler.

No hot water or heat

A multi-purpose appliance like a boiler has many moving parts which can add to the complication of pinpointing the exact cause of the issue. The possible reasons your boiling is not producing enough heat or hot water could be a faulty thermostat, valve failure, airlock failure, or low water level. If you have checked all these parts but continue to experience a problem, it is best to call expert Palmers Green plumbers near you.

Leaks and drips

Leaks and drips coming from your boiler should not be ignored. When you start noticing water pooling or arising from the appliance, you need to call a plumber to look at it right away. If you are in need of plumbers Palmers Green experts from BBS have the experience and knowledge to address pressing issues with a boiler heating system.

Loud whistling or banging noise

When a boiler makes a loud noise, it is referred to as ‘kettling’ which is what happens when limescale and other minerals start to build up. Although mineral build-up is quite a common occurrence and should not be a cause for alarm, unusual sounds coming from the boiler could also mean a pump failure or low water pressure. This needs to be rectified right away; otherwise, your heating system will not have enough water to circulate for heating your home.

Pilot light problems

Pilot light going out could be due to a damaged thermocouple. If this is what’s causing the issue, you can trust that a professional BBS plumber can identify the problem right away and replace any broken parts as soon as possible to get your boiler running again.

Low water pressure

If there is a leak in your heating system, it could lead to low water pressure and eventually affect the boiler’s efficiency. A tell-tale sign of low water pressure is when the pressure gauge indicates below 1 bar. Have a professional look into this as soon as possible to resolve any severe underlying issues with your home’s heating system.

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