Telltale Signs Of A Leaky Pipe

Whilst most issues serious enough to require the assistance of a plumber are often quite easy to detect, some that are not can cause a lot of long-term damage.

A clogged drain or overflowing toilet is easy to spot and the next step is to get in touch with a professional, but a leaky pipe might not become noticeable for a while, by which point it has caused some significant damage to your property.

The earlier a leak is spotted the better, and with that in mind, watch for some of these telltale signs of a leak in your property.

Damp, Mildew Or Mould 

Whilst not entirely an uncommon sight during particularly rainy months, damp, mildew or mould can sometimes be caused by a leaky pipe.

Check for the distinct unpleasant smell and discoloured stains on the walls and ceilings of your home, particularly if they seem to be developing quickly.

Brown Stains

Whilst we associate leaks with flowing water, often a small leak will dribble and accumulate over a long time, absorbed by the walls or the ceilings, so if you notice distinct brown stains or other noticeable discolouration, it could be a sign of a leak upstairs or in the wall.

Huge Water Bills

A lot of the time, water leaks are harmless in the sense that the wasted water is spilling nowhere near the property. However, where it can hurt and hurt badly is in your water bills.

If you notice a massive spike in your expenses, take a careful look at your water usage. Whilst it could be an administrative error, it is also just as likely to be a leak that you have not noticed yet.

Reduced Water Pressure

If you turn on the taps or the shower and notice that the water is not flowing as fast or as powerfully as you expect, that is typically a sign of a leak, unless there has been a reported issue with your water supply.