5 Tips For Using Underfloor Heating In A Bathroom

Underfloor heating in the bathroom can be wonderful when it comes to taking the chill off cold floor tiles on a chilly winter’s morning, transforming the space into a warm, spa-like heaven.

If you’re in the process of renovating your bathroom, you might be considering whether to use traditional radiators or underfloor heating, which may be dependent on your budget and your property. We have a look at five tips to ensure you get the best out of your underfloor heating (UFH).


  1. Pick the best underfloor heating system

It will be largely dependent on your circumstances, for example, electric UFH systems are typically easier to install, but will have higher running costs. Whereas water-based UFH systems need a little more work to install, the monthly tuning costs will be lower. It is vital to choose the right system for you.


  1. Get the positioning right

To ensure you get the correct and even heat output, the cables/pipes must be laid at neat, regular intervals. The higher the heat output required, the closer together the pipes/cables should be.


  1. Choose the right flooring for underfloor heating

UFH works well with wood, tiles, or stone flooring, but smooth, hard surfaces like porcelain and ceramic tend to have an edge over other solutions when it comes to heat conductivity.

Some laminate and vinyl products are not suitable for use alongside electric underfloor heating. So be sure to check with your supplier that the UFH kit and floor surface are compatible.


  1. Leave your underfloor heating on

During the colder times of the year, it can take a while for UFH systems to warm up, and constantly turning your heating on and off for short bursts will waste energy. Keeping the system continuously running will ensure that the system is running efficiently and provides a constant level of warmth.


  1. Consider a hybrid setup

Removing redactors will free up space, especially in small bathrooms, but there are some advantages to including a radiator, such as a slim towel rail for a handy spot to warm towels so they’re toasty for when you step out of the shower.


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Major Energy Firm Offers Free Energy Efficient Boilers To People On Low Incomes

A large energy company has offered a boiler installation worth £2,500 to people on low incomes to help them manage their energy bills more easily.

The scheme, offered as part of E.ON’s Affordable Warmth Scheme, offers the free standard boiler to people on a low income that are in receipt of certain benefits and are currently dealing with a broken or faulty boiler.

The criteria for which benefits qualify is somewhat specific but includes:

  • Universal Credit,
  • Other forms of income support for unemployed and low-paid staff, such as the Employment And Support Allowance and Jobseeker’s Allowance.
  • Carer’s Allowance,
  • Disability Living Allowance, Severe Disablement Allowance, Personal Independence Payment and other disability-related benefits
  • Several Armed Forces benefits, including the Armed Forces Independent Payment and War Pensioners’ Mobility Supplement.

E.ON has noted that people do not need to be an existing customer of theirs to be eligible for the support, as it is part of a government scheme to help improve the energy efficiency of homes for people who are on low incomes.

It is also separate from a similar scheme known as the Green Homes Grant, which covered up to two-thirds of the cost of heating improvements that helped to boost the energy efficiency of a home or convert to a low carbon heating method.

This can include some forms of boilers, such as those which use biomass, as well as heat pumps that convert ambient heat in the air or from a ground source into heat to warm a home.

Once the Affordable Warmth boiler is applied for, E.ON will undertake a home survey to help identify areas where energy can be saved. Some of these works may not be covered under the scheme and the homeowner may have to pay part of the cost if they wish to go through with them.