When Should Most People Turn The Heating Off This Year?

As soon as there is a peak of sunshine breaking through the clouds, Brits are already planning to dust off their barbecues and dig out their sunglasses. So with spring finally appearing to be on the way, most of us are beginning to think about when is the right time to turn off the central heating

Those who are still feeling the chill, despite the longer hours of daylight, will be pleased to know it is not imminent, and can enjoy having the radiators turned up for a few weeks more. 

By the end of the month, however, most households will be starting to switch their thermostat off, as the weather should be warmer and it is a chance to save money on their energy bills. 

Traditionally, lots of bill payers tend to use the clocks going forward as a marker to switch their heating off.

Director of Leading Trades Training Experts at Engineering Real Results Ricky Sharma told the Express: “While the exact date is a decision for each family, it’s usually safe to do so on the day the clocks go forward to mark the arrival of British Summer Time.”

For 2024, that date will be Sunday March 31st, though some people will do it earlier if they feel warm enough in their homes. 

Indeed, lots of Brits might be tempted to turn theirs off as soon as average temperatures rise above 10C, which could be as soon as March 22nd this year.  

Mr Sharma advised not turning off the heating too soon though, as it can result in mould and dampness in the house if it gets too cold. 

What’s more, there are health risks associated with low indoor temperatures, including a higher chance of developing respiratory conditions, inflammation of the lungs, and poor circulation.