Why Do Boiler Prices Vary So Much?

The weather has been so good lately that Brits haven’t had to think about turning their central heating on over the last few weeks. 

The temperatures have regularly been over 20C, and even exceeded 32C on June 10th in Chertsey, Surrey, which is the first time the mercury has gone above 30C since August 2022.  

While many of us are enjoying being in the garden on a sunny day, going to the beach, or having barbecues with friends and family, it won’t be long before the need to put the heating back on returns. 

Therefore, if your boiler had started to play up before the hot spell, you might need to consider replacing it. However, there are big differences in the cost of boilers, which can be confusing to many homeowners. 

Which? explains the costs will vary according to the type of boiler you opt for, such as a heat-only or storage boiler, or one with a hot water cylinder fitting. 

The brand or model of boiler will also result in differing prices, and while lots of people may be tempted to go for the cheaper option, this might not work out being cost-effective.

“Getting a reliable boiler is the most important thing to consider when deciding which brand to go for, as it will save you money and stress in the long run,” the consumer expert stated.

Lastly, the size of the boiler can alter the price, with larger models being more expensive. 


Those who are worried about the expense of a new central heating system should consider getting new boiler finance in London, which can help spread the cost