Why You Should Keep Underfloor Heating On All The Time

Most homeowners are currently facing a conundrum about how often they should put the heating on and how high they should set their thermostat, thanks to the combination of high energy bills and freezing temperatures. 

Although many want to save money on their heating expenses, the wintry conditions that are likely to remain for the next few months makes it very difficult to stay warm inside if the house is not sufficiently heated up. 

This is what leads many households to regularly turning their thermostat up and down, trying to use as little energy as possible until they can no longer handle the cold and need the house to be warmer. 

However, for those who have underfloor heating, it is better to have them constantly on instead of frequently turning them on and off. 

According to uHeat, having it on all day, even when nobody is in, means it will be quicker to warm up and it will be more efficient. 

“As long as you opt for a well-built, properly installed, high-quality underfloor heating system, you can be confident of leaving the system switched on all day every day without any problems at all,” it stated. 

This ensures the room will receive some heat throughout the day, but homeowners can also increase the temperature if they need extra warming up when they want. 

Without leaving it on all day, it is difficult to feel the true benefits of underfloor heating, as it can take a couple of hours to properly warm up. Therefore, once the room is no longer uncomfortably cold, it might be time to go to bed!