Common Boiler Problems And How You Can Identify Them

Boilers are the heart of the home and help to keep our rooms and water warm and comfortable for us. However, much like any other appliance, there are several issues your boiler may encounter and luckily many of them can be easily identified.

Having any issues with your boiler fixed as soon as possible is essential for the safety of yourself and your family as boiler issues can potentially be extremely dangerous if left unnoticed or unfixed for long periods of time.

One of the easiest ways to notice that your boiler is malfunctioning or has issues is by a lack of heat or hot water. This can be due to a variety of issues and some can be fixed quite simply.

One of these is a faulty thermostat, which may cause a lack of heat as it is not registering the temperature of the home. Replacing or simply resetting this may solve the issue at hand. Other issues which result in no heat or hot water may need to be diagnosed by a plumber.

These issues may also result in your boiler switching itself off periodically. If your boiler is switching off for seemingly no reason, seek the advice of your local plumber for help and assistance.

If resetting your boiler doesn’t work, seeking the advice of a plumber is recommended as there may be further underlying issues with your boiler which are preventing it from heating your home effectively.

This is more common in older boilers which may not have been serviced in a while.

Leaks can be easily identified by wet patches forming under or around the boiler and should be addressed as soon as possible. They can be caused by various issues such as corrosion on the pipes, faulty valves or damaged seals.

If you find a leak, turn the boiler off as soon as possible and seek the help of an emergency plumber.


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