Here Are Five Signs That It Is Time To Get A New Boiler

Nobody wants to start the new year with a broken boiler, knowing the next few months will be even colder. So, here are some signs to look out to see whether your boiler is on the blink and it might be time to get a boiler quote in London

Feeling cold

The most obvious sign your boiler is no longer working well is your home feels cold even when the heating is on. 

More expensive bills

Thanks to the fuel crisis, everyone is experiencing higher-than-normal gas and electricity bills at the moment, but if they are significantly steeper than previous months’, this could be due to your boiler’s inefficiency. 


If you notice your boiler leaking water, this is a sign to have it professionally looked at straight away, as it could indicate internal damage. If it is not attended to, it could cause an electrical short-circuit, which can be dangerous to your property and those living in it. 

Becomes noisy 

If you suddenly notice your boiler has started to make noises, such as whirring, vibrating, humming, or clunking, this could be a sign it is past its best. 

There could be a big fault within the system that needs an engineer to look at, so pay attention to changes in noise. 


If you think your boiler is having problems, be vigilant about checking for gas. Check if there is a smell around your machine, as this could mean your boiler is not burning effectively and carbon monoxide is being emitted. 

Dark marks on the boiler are another indication there is gas leak, so turn off the boiler immediately.