Underfloor Heating Expert Highlights Need For Expertise

With summer nearing its end and the prospect of the cold weather in the months ahead being combined with soaring energy bills, many householders will be looking at changing their home heating systems to something that is more energy efficient.

For many, the answer lies in underfloor heating, but not every system that could be installed might be the best one for any particular home, an expert has warned.

Steven Dunne, the manager of Snug Underfloor Heating, made this point in an article for Builders Merchants News, stating that establishing the right system to use is the biggest single challenge householders and installers face.

His conclusion arose after the firm consulted 150 installers at the Installer Show 2022 on the biggest hurdles they faced in their work, with the question of finding the best system being the toughest part of the project and the task of transforming the design into reality coming second.

This is why using experienced underfloor heating installers in north London is essential if you are to get the best result for your home, one that will keep it pleasantly warm even in the depths of winter while working with maximum levels of energy efficiency. By using our extensive expertise, you can get a system that provides the best results for your home.

Mr Dunne said his firm’s approach to this issue was to make sure they liaised closely with electricians, plumbers and builders to ensure they were getting the right system installed.

Earlier this month, price comparison site USwitch produced its own guide to heating systems for those keen to change, including underfloor heating.

For instance, a ground source heating system may not be the ideal for someone living in north London, as Uswitch said these are very expensive to install and the householders most likely to benefit from it would be those living off the gas grid. This would mean people residing in remote rural areas, rather than major urban areas.