Top Tips For Saving Money On Your Water Bill

Over the past few months, two of the biggest news stories have revolved around water.

The first is the increase in water bills, often reported as part of the wider cost of living crisis, as well as the record hot summer leading to hosepipe bans in many parts of the country.

During a time when every saving helps and every drop of water counts, here are some simple steps you can take to save money on your water bill.


Hunt For Leaks And Drips

One of the most common reasons for huge energy bills, particularly if you do not use much water personally but are on a metered water plan, is drips and leaks from taps and pipes.

If you feel there is a leaky pipe, consult a plumber as soon as possible, but if you keep control of those water drops you can save almost half a bath’s worth of water every week.


Don’t Leave The Tap Running

A common habit people have that could cost them money is to leave the tap running whilst brushing their teeth, washing their face, shaving or doing the washing up.

A lot of that water is used without being used by you and can add up to a huge amount of water over time.


Showers Over Baths?

One common piece of advice that is given is that you should take showers rather than baths, and whilst this can be true, and often is for particularly deep baths, it is only necessarily the case that you save water if your showers are also short, particularly if you use a power shower.

Whilst water efficiency statistics vary, if you are using a power shower for more than ten minutes, you are probably using more water than a bath.


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