What Could Affect The Cost Of My Replacement Boiler?

Replacing a boiler can be an expensive job, and the work required can push the cost higher. Boilers can break down suddenly, and potentially when youre not financially ready for such an expense.

However, there are options, such as getting your new boiler on finance, or you may be eligible for a new boiler grant. Lets have look at the factors to consider around replacement boiler cost:


1. Your pipework needs replacing

Depending on the position and location of the boiler, you may need new pipework. This means you not only need to account for the cost of new piping but also the costs of removing and disposing of the old pipes. This could add between £300 and £1,000 to the cost.


2. You need to reposition your boiler

If you need or want to move your boiler to a new location, this could mean construction work, dealing with walls and floors. Including getting rid of the old boiler and pipework, repositioning your boiler can start at around £500 and go way over £1,000 for more complicated jobs.


3. The flue position

A new flue, especially if you are relocating the boiler, may be required, and this can cost between £300 and £600. The flue is a large pipe that leads outside your home and ensures that condensation and gases are safely piped away from your home. A new flue can cost between £300 and £600.


4. You buy an additional warranty

Getting an extended warranty is a good idea when it comes to boilers, especially if you can get a 10-year one. Since that is the life a boiler is expected to last, less if not looked after and more if well cared for, its a useful support to have in place. The estimated cost added is around £150 to £250.


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