Why Does Your Natural Gas Boiler Need Annual Maintenance?

It is a truth, universally acknowledged, that a property owner needs to organise an annual service for all of the boilers in a building. 

The biggest and most obvious reason for this is obligation; landlords must ensure that gas appliances have checks every year, many business insurance policies require an annual service to ensure it remains valid and annual services keep a boiler’s warranty period valid as well.

However, for some people who have had a boiler installed by an expert in the last year and had absolutely no issues, it can seem like a service is unnecessary, however, it is important for many reasons beyond being a requirement.

The first, and by far the most important is that it helps keep everyone in the building safe. Boilers are complex, and a fault can have the potential to be very dangerous if left unchecked.

It will ensure that every component is properly installed, is working effectively and can potentially signpost where issues could come from in the future, tweaking and fixing parts.

This saves money in the long run, as an annual service is far cheaper than an emergency callout, particularly if expensive parts are required.

Beyond this, it can also help to reduce energy bills. Gas engineers are highly knowledgeable about the inner workings of a boiler, and they can see if a boiler is not only working well but is as efficient as possible, which costs you less money.

This can become more critical as a boiler gets older and its performance starts to degrade. An engineer will often be the first to point out when a boiler has reached the tipping point where replacement is more cost-effective than maintenance.

An engineer can also provide advice on which settings would provide the most value and reduce bills the most, as well as show you how to manage automatic switch-on and shut-off times for central heating systems.