Have You Turned Off Heating To Cut Bills?

Households typically lower their thermostat at this time of the year as the weather warms up, but subdued temperatures have meant many people have kept their central heating on to avoid the chill. However, those who are worried about their future energy bills might be facing cold conditions anyway, as they look for ways to reduce their heating costs.

Sky News has reported how more and more pensioners are switching off their heating and putting on lots of layers of clothing instead to stay warm.

One-fifth of retired men and women in the UK are already living in poverty, and with the cost of living expected to soar, this problem will only worsen.

Earlier this month, the energy cap was increased, which means households could spend up to £246 more on their gas bills every year, according to the Energy and Climate Intelligence Unit (ECIU). For many people, this extra expense is not one they can afford, particularly as the price of food and petrol are also increasing at a rapid rate.

Doreen Moore, 74, is just one example of someone who is relying on an electric fire, closed doors, and drawn curtains to keep her home warm.

She told the news provider: “It’s depressing. And it’s getting worse.”

BBC News also revealed how some pensioners are staying in bed all day to stay warm, skipping meals to save money, and using hot water bottles for extra heat.

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