Why Now Is The Time To Fit Underfloor Heating

Right now, the last thing anyone in Britain is likely to do is turn on the heating. With lots of sunshine and the daylight hours at their longest, energy bills will be extremely low.

However, much as few will want to imagine it, shorter days are on the way. With Midsummer having passed, the nights will gradually draw in and a few months hence these long, light, sunny days will have given way to dark, cold, wet, frosty morning.

That may sound depressing, but it is important to think ahead, especially after the huge increases in energy bills last winter, a trend that could continue.

A key reason for this is that a major factor in the increases – the disruption of global gas supplies caused by the Russia-Ukraine crisis – is likely to continue, with fears that Russia may cut off supplies to ‘unfriendly’ nations altogether in the coming winter. Indeed, Germany, which uses more Russian gas than most, has made plans to ration use.

While Britain uses a mix of domestic and Norwegian gas, the knock-on effect on the global market will continue to push up process, so now could be the best time to invest in new ways of heating a home, by contacting underfloor heating installers in north London.

This will enable your home to be heated more effectively, meaning you can minimise the amount of energy used.

Of course, this will not be the whole story; energy efficiency also depends on good insulation so that when the heat has been generated it will not be lost too soon.

The government is believed to be considering a £1 billion plan to insulate low income households across the UK, but even if you do not qualify for such a scheme it could be well worth having it fitted.

With underfloor heating to keep your home warm and a few other measures, you can keep those winter bills down for years to come.